Written by Steven Shafer, thanks for reading!

Politics is more often than not a way to distract oneself from the aggression and manipulation within one’s own social circle.  Even within the philosophical community, many smart men and women spend countless hours discussing potential GDP growth without once sitting down and examining their family, friends, partners etc.

“Yes, I am a Voluntaryist.  I accept that the initiation of force is wrong.  My sister spanks her child and my dad yells at me.  I’m involved in an abusive relationship with my husband yet I am a Voluntaryist.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you.  You will not end the fed.  You will not bring down the state.  You will not even privatize the post office.  This is not where freedom lies.  Politics is unimportant.

Freedom lies in our day-to-day, not in some ivory tower, not in some impossible, grandiose goal.  Freedom lies in who we choose to mate with, who we choose to break bread with, who we choose to respect.

It is a terrible strategy to allow our happiness to be dependent on whether or not the state falls.  But if we can align our happiness with building the best relationships possible, getting the assholes out of our lives, raising our children peacefully and building as far-reaching a community of virtuous people as possible, we may enter the grave with a smile.

Political change comes directly from collective adult decision.  Adult behaviors are shaped during childhood.  Child-rearing starts with us, now.  We have the power to build amazing relationships with our spouses and children and we have the power to tell the world.

To wack the branches is futile.  Fucking eat the roots.

Politics is Unimportant.